Friday, October 11, 2013

Unexpected Hiatus & And A New Cartoon!

Things have been a bit challenging in my life lately and thus I have not had much time for updating the blog. However, do not lose hope! I have been creating lots of new artwork and have finally managed to take some photos of my adventures here in London. I am in the midst of weathering the storm, but can see the dark clouds beginning to break up.

 I did manage to sneak in one little cartoon today as a commentary on some controversy that has been raging here in the UK. Apparently there has been an issue here with bovine TB among cattle and according to some experts culling badgers (who apparently can carry the disease and pass it on) will help to solve the problem. I'm a bit skeptical about the plan on the whole, but it did inspire me to make this little gem.

Poor Badger...

You can read more about the cull here:

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