Thursday, October 3, 2013


I just thought I would share a little personal obsession of mine. The BBC Farm series is a completely and wonderfully addictive show for anyone who enjoys historical documentaries and a shining example of what reality TV can actually accomplish if done properly. I particularly love Victorian Farm and Victorian Pharmacy, but they are all quite good. The three participants are lovely and you can tell they are truly passionate about living history, practical knowledge, and a bit of dress up!


I would recommend checking it out and all the episodes are available to watch in their entirety on Youtube.

A big perk to living here in England now is that I can randomly come across things like this in the book store and score a deal for £2.99! I was sure to snatch it up. It's a lovely companion to the show and contains not only the experiences of the people in the series, but it's also filled with the recipes, farm practices, descriptions of equipment and appliances, etc.


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