Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Moving Madness!

This is one of those times when life just conspires to get as complicated as possible. Moving from one city to another is always a pain, but add in the heartache of the internet provider people not showing up to activate your new internet is just the worst. Going almost two whole weeks without internet nearly destroyed me (first world problems, I know, but when your livelihood depends on it things get pretty bleak). Thankfully, I am once more online and sane...well mostly. And now I can start posting again. Hooray!

I thought I'd start by posting a new illustration I've made. Enjoy!

I am a great lover of fairy tales and I never tire of reading them and depicting them in my illustrations. One thing I've noticed that most of them have in common is that they contain animal characters. Whether they be good or evil or are simply witnesses to the main action, animals appear time and again in fairy tales from all over the world. I wanted to focus this series of illustrations on those animal characters. This first one, Cinderella, is packed full with them. In one version of the tale it is a dove and not a fairy godmother that helps our heroine get to the ball, and of course, we all know and love the little mice characters as well. 

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