Monday, June 15, 2015

Mermaid Monday

Mondays can very often be blah and even ho hum. So what better way to battle those Monday blues than with mermaid pink! I've decided that I will post something mermaid related (because I am becoming obsessed with all things aquatic at the moment, especially mermaids, whales and kraken) every Monday from now until the end of summer.

For my first post I've created this lovely lady as a logo inspired by another lovely lady: the stylish and talented Emily Fisher, the fun and creative blogger behind the super cute blog Mermaid Gossip.

I came across her fashion blog and I was so inspired by the colourful and whimsical posts that I just had to whip up this little graphic. If you're interested in bright colours, creative style and just awesomeness in general be sure to check out her adorable blog.

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