Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happenings and England Expedition Photos

I have been meaning to update sooner than this, but with so much going on recently I've been swamped! We had a wonderful trip to England, filled with long walks in the countryside, exploring the high streets of various little towns, visiting old churches, and doing mounds of shopping. I fell in love with the atmosphere, the modern mixed with the antique, the pastoral blended with the metropolitan, the beautiful decay, the layers upon layers of history. I felt like I had entered another world. A world of rabbit warrens, gnarled oaks, miniature, labyrinthine interiors, places with deliciously pastoral names like Clydesdale Bank, Swan Lane, The White Horse pub. I was so inspired by all the architectural details of the houses there. Practically every single one looks like it belongs in a historical drama or a fairy tale. I'm currently working on a new project that will feature these elements and am now overloaded with reference photos! In a somewhat unexpected turn of events it looks like I will be getting much more time to explore and take photos in ol' Blighty. My husband has accepted a place in a teaching course there and has already moved back. I'll be spending the autumn here in the wild north, then hopping a plane home to the states for a visit and finally, I'll be relocating to London until summer. It's going to be very busy, but wonderfully inspiring!


  1. Wow, Clarissa! So beautiful! How exciting you will be relocating to England for a bit. I need to brush off the dust from my passport and get going!

  2. Thanks! Yes, you do and you should drag your daughter along for a visit! :)

    1. Yes, Clarissa! I do know that Ingrid misses you and Norway! :-)